Welcome To Planet Beach of Lake Pleasant!

At Planet Beach, our professional Peoria, AZ tanning salon can help you cultivate a natural-looking, fresh tan. It takes dedication to stay on top of the fast-changing world of beauty and wellness, but we make sure our customers have continual access to cutting-edge insights and technology. Your satisfaction is crucial, and no detail will be overlooked in its pursuit.

Our Services

Our memberships are offered on a monthly basis, and as a locally owned company, we're easy to access. In addition to tanning, we offer a fully automated spa, several skincare products, and teeth whitening services. We accept all major forms of payment, and we're open all week for your convenience.

Prompt customer service is a specialty of Planet Beach of Lake Pleasant. We provide the kind of genuine engagement you'd expect, so let us prove it to you. Set up an appointment today to get started on the tan you've always wanted.